Humane Wildlife Removal

How To Humanely Remove Wildlife In Chicago

ducksThere are many different types of wildlife that can become pests in the Chicago, Illinois area. All too often, people remove the wildlife using chicago squirrel removal methods that harm or kill the animals. Fortunately, there is a much better alternative to this approach. Even animals that are commonly regarded as pests serve environmentally important functions. Luckily, you can purchase animal traps that allow you to remove wildlife humanely. This avoids causing damage to the environment. These traps can be purchased in local hardware stores. However, they can also be purchased from online vendors. You can trap a variety of different types of wildlife in this manner. There are also other measures that can be taken to humanely remove wildlife, such as making use of certain sounds. Also, it is possible to hire professionals to come in to safely remove wildlife from your property.

Bats In The Chicago Area

Bats have a very negative stigma in contemporary culture. They are seen as dark, mysterious, and dangerous. There is also a strong association with haunted houses. While it is true that there are some health risks associated with bat infestation, they also serve very important functions in the wild. In fact, the ecosystem needs bats. Bats help to reduce the numbers of various types of insects. In fact, many of the insects that they help get rid of are known to be hazardous to human health. Therefore, bats can actually be beneficial to human safety, if they are in the natural environment. Additionally, bat droppings fertilize the soil, and this helps to promote plant growth.

 batBats help to control the populations of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are certainly a serious annoyance to many people, particularly during the summertime. Additionally, mosquitoes are known to spread certain types of diseases. Bats eat the mosquitoes as a significant portion of their diet, and this helps to lower the numbers of them in the wild. This is something that most people would appreciate. Additionally, bats eat other insects. Some of the insects that bats eat are ones that can cause extremely nasty bites to humans. In fact, bats will even eat wasps. This is obviously a good thing, because wasps are some of the most aggressive insects in Illinois. Bats are also known to eat spiders.

Of course, there are issues associated with bat infestation. Bats often will reside in attics, as it offers them a high spot to live in. The bats are able to get into your attic through very small spaces, and they can be tricky to find once they get up there. Additionally, the bats can even find their way into the living quarters. When this happens, they can fly around the house and become very disruptive. In some cases, the bat will even cause property damage. Furthermore, if you have any pets, the bat’s presence is likely to rouse them. Further damage can be caused by the commotion of stirring pets in the house. Another concern is that bats can carry rabies. While not all bats carry rabies, they are a higher risk than many other types of animals. If one is bitten by a bat or a bat is found in the quarters of a sleeping person, they are advised to be seen by a doctor and likely receive rabies shots.

Getting rid of bats can be a challenge. Also, it is a legal requirement that you deal with a bat problem humanely. Killing a bat is illegal in the state of Illinois. Luckily, there are plenty of methods for humane bat removal. When you use these methods, the bats are unharmed. Furthermore, you can be free of the bat infestation.

It is possible to trap and remove bats yourself, in some cases. There are traps that you can purchase online for bats. One well known maker of these traps is HavaHart traps. You can set the HavaHart traps in your attic, and then remove the trapped bat from your home. There are also manufacturers of bat traps. You can manufacturers of bat traps online. It is also possible to remove a bat by using a towel or empty coffee can. However, it is possible to protect yourself when you trap a bat. Due to the rabies risk, it is important to wear gloves that protect your hands.

It is also possible to use bat repellents. Bat repellents can be purchased online, in the form of devices that emit certain frequencies of sound. These frequencies of sound are extremely high pitched, and humans cannot hear them. However, the bats are able to hear them, and they are annoyed by the sound. This drives away the bats.

baby batsIn a lot of cases, it may be a good idea to call someone to help get rid of the bats. If you call pest control experts, they will be able to remove the bats without harming them. They will use various methods to do this, such as trapping.

Additionally, keeping bats from having access to your home can help eradicate them. If you seal up openings in the house, your attic will no longer be attractive to them. In fact, they won’t even be able to get in if they want to. This is the most permanent means of bat eradication. However, it can be a challenge to seal up all of the holes in your attic. This is something that can be done, particularly if you use the services of pest control experts.